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However, you may be invited again to take the survey after 42 days

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However, you may be invited again to take the survey after 42 days

“Your account is not yet active. Once you have fully qualified for at least one of the projects below, we will be able to work toward activating your account.”

Do you think this is legit?

MicroNoyo IMPORTANT NOTE: This project is only a one-time survey task and not a long-term project, thus, this project does not require a daily task.

This project seeks to improve search results in Facebook Search. Participation in this project requires answering some questions about particular searches you have made on Facebook and providing access to your Facebook profile in order to recreate those search experiences. Participation in this project is entirely voluntary and you can stop at any time.

>> I am a newbie and I’m not sure if this is project is legit as it states I need to provide access to my Facebook profile. It’s giving me a red flag though.

Hi Carina, if this task originated from a proper Appen contact/email (and the email you provided is one of theirs) it would be a legit task, but with many online tasks of this nature, only you can decide the level of privacy you are comfortable giving access to. Sites like Appen who rely on human input to help improve artificial intelligence (and ple) in most cases collect this data anonymously but it’s true, there is always a path back to the individual if someone wanted exploit it.

I can’t make a specific recommendation because privacy is such a personal subject, but I do think we’re approaching a red-line where all of us are going to have to take https://hookupdate.net/fitness-singles-review/ a step back and ask if our always connected lifestyles were a good idea. It’s not just the companies we give Facebook access to (most now have an option to login with your Facebook account rather than creating a unique login), but it’s Facebook itself that has access to our private information. We have smart devices and digital “assistants” like Alexa that are literally recording us in our homes. Continue reading »

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